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Våra kunniga vindkraftstekniker och vår lokala förankring gör oss till det bästa valet för operatörer och turbintillverkare.

Our Code of Conduct describes our values and the demands we place on employees and business partners, within the areas of human rights, labour law, the environment and the fight against corruption. The content of the Code must be respected and followed by everybody within WPS and respected and followed by our business partners.

Vindkraftverk i fjällen

Within WPS, we must have the opportunity to influence our work situation. We must be innovative, flexible and constantly improving ourselves. We actively practice good business ethics and social commitment in order to create added value for our customers, employees and suppliers while also contributing to sustainable social development. We strive for long-term and trusting relationships.

WPS business ethics

  • We follow the laws, regulations and ordinances applicable to the markets in which we are operational.
  • We do not tolerate any form of corruption, bribery or extortion.
  • We observe competition law.
  • We work to counter financial crime.
Drönare vid vindturbin

WPS and human rights and work conditions

  • We prioritise a healthy and safe working environment.
  • We care about fair employment conditions.
  • We work for equality and diversity.
  • We do not tolerate victimisation, harassment or discrimination.We do not tolerate victimisation, harassment or discrimination.
  • We do not tolerate victimisation, harassment or discrimination.

WPS and the environment

  • We care about the environment and climate.
  • We work to reduce operational impact on the environment.

We take the necessary steps to ensure that ethical business practices are maintained within our own company and in our relationships with others.

We encourage our employees to report any suspected violation of the Code of Conduct or legislation. Employees must contact their manager. If an employee feels that they cannot, or if anybody outside the company experiences that WPS is not following its values, the suspicion can be anonymously reported via our whistleblower function here on our website. All allegations are taken seriously and investigated. Appropriate measures are taken if infringements are found.